Filing for Social Security

As a paralegal, I have assisted in the preparation and implementation of various forms of legal proceedings.  After substantial involvement in diverse legal matters and acquiring relevant knowledge of specific processes, I personally believe our Pennsylvania Social Security System engenders a very complicated, confusing and time-consuming process for applicants. The complication begins when the disabled […]

Full Tort V. Limited Tort Motor Vehicle Insurance

The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (“MVFRL”) requires insurance companies to provide consumers with the option of purchasing full tort or limited tort motor vehicle insurance.  Of these two options, limited tort is the less expensive alternative.  However, many consumers are not completely aware of the ramifications of selecting the limited tort option.  When […]

Consider the Deposition of the UM/UIM Professional Claims Handler in Koken-Style Litigation

Since late 2005, the Insurance Commissioner no longer has authority to require mandatory arbitration of UM and UIM claims in Pennsylvania. Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania v. Koken, 899 A.2d 550 (Pa. 2005). Post Koken, many insurers modified their automobile policies and eliminated the Pennsylvania arbitration clause. That significant change has raised many opportunities and challenges […]