O’Donnell Law Offices, Kingston, Pennsylvania, today announces the launch of a new campaign, “Walk-In Wednesdays,” designed to provide immediate access for accident victims who have been injured and need an attorney. The campaign will run from February 20 through April 3, 2013 and invites any injured person needing an attorney to simply walk into O’Donnell Law Offices on Wednesdays without an appointment.

People incur injuries in many different ways and seek treatment at a doctor’s office or local hospital. Sometimes, mistakes are made causing injuries to worsen or emotional distress. Some employers, corporations and insurance companies will try to quickly settle with an injured victim before the victim has the opportunity to truly assess the extent of damages. In the event of a personal injury, victims need to know their rights. The purpose of “Walk-In Wednesdays” is to provide immediate access to an attorney and fully protect the rights of the victim. O‘Donnell Law Offices is located at 267 Wyoming Avenue, Kingston, Pennsylvania, and their phone number is 570.821.5717.

Neil T. O’Donnell notes, “Certain injured victims need to talk with an attorney immediately after incurring an injury. We want to reach out and extend an open invitation to them to simply walk into our offices any Wednesday without needing an appointment. Our firm wants to aid injured victims with sound legal advice and decades of experience handling personal injury cases.”

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