Summer Travel

By: Joshua Perry

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate and remember those who lost their lives in service to our country. In addition to this day of remembrance, it signals the beginning of the summer travel season, with beachgoers and destination seekers often taking advantage of the warm summer weather for their vacations. 

In addition to the increase in traffic to vacation destinations, the state and local road crews utilize this time of year to perform much-needed road work, making repairs to areas of the roadway that fall victim to the harsh Pennsylvania winter conditions. If you have travel plans slated for this summer, there are a few things you can do to ensure your travel to and from your destination is uneventful.  

First, if you are driving, plan your route, allotting additional time for construction, high traffic volumes, and other delays that may present in your travel.  

Second, ensure that you are abiding by all speed limits and other traffic regulations put in place for these temporary conditions. Oftentimes, construction zones lead to lane closures, reduced speed limits, and additional hazards in the roadway. Be extra cautious of construction vehicles entering and exiting work zones. 

PennDOT offers the following safety tips for safely navigating a work zone: 

  • Drive the posted work zone speed limit
  • Stay alert and pay close attention to signs and flaggers
  • Turn on your headlights if signs instruct you to do so
  • Maintain a safe distance around vehicles and don’t tailgate
  • Use four-way flashers when stopped or traveling slowly
  • Avoid distractions and give your full attention to the roadway
  • Always buckle up 
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Be patient  

There are multiple scenarios that could result in a car accident in a construction zone. If you are involved in a single-vehicle collision, some important considerations in evaluating your claim include: 

  • who was driving the vehicle, 
  • If there were any roadway restrictions in place at the time of the collision, 
  • what the road conditions were like at the time of the car accident, 
  • whether the road crew made any changes to your route, 
  • and if the road condition was caused by the roadway design.  

In the event you are involved in a multi-vehicle car accident, there are some additional considerations including the types of vehicles involved, who was operating the other vehicles, and the potential for dash cam footage or other evidence from the other vehicles involved. 

Evaluating the scene of the collision soon after it occurred is important in understanding and preserving the condition of the roadway as it existed at the time of the collision. Beginning an investigation early may help to preserve any evidence as it relates to the roadway condition at the time. The earlier O’Donnell Law Offices is contacted, the better. This will allow our experienced investigation team to begin collecting and documenting crucial evidence, helping to ensure all evidence relating to the collision is collected and preserved. 

If you are injured in a vehicle collision in an active work zone, give O’Donnell Law Offices a call. We can help you determine what parties and avenues of recovery are available for your claim and navigate the legal system.

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