As a paralegal, I have assisted in the preparation and implementation of various forms of legal proceedings.  After substantial involvement in diverse legal matters and acquiring relevant knowledge of specific processes, I personally believe our Pennsylvania Social Security System engenders a very complicated, confusing and time-consuming process for applicants.

The complication begins when the disabled person initially applies for disability benefits.  Uneducated in this area, the applicant now tries to decipher when and how to become the recipient of the benefits.  In today’s society, most, if not all functions are performed through the internet.  The unfortunate aspect of this process is that many individuals do not have access to a computer or do not possess the necessary skills to apply electronically.  When in pain, disabled or from a generation that is technologically challenged, this application method can be overwhelming. The confusion, apprehension and the inability to understand the system is because the disabled applicants are devoid of legal counsel or a comparable advocate.

From a paralegal standpoint, the major issue as I perceive it, appears to be how confusing the filing for disability benefits can be.  Consequently, the disabled applicant discovers they are left alone and unassisted to navigate the water of an intricate system. The applicant should never hesitate to contact an experienced attorney who will assist them with this process.  In doing so, it alleviates any further confusion and assures the applicant all time sensitive deadlines are protected.

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