When you are injured or sick, your health and feeling better is always the first concern.  You must comply with your healthcare providers’ instructions and recommendations.  Likewise, when your injury or health concern is involved in a lawsuit, Workers’ Compensation claim or a Social Security Disability claim, the key component to being successful with your case is the medical treatment incurred.  Documentation from your treating physician(s) is crucial in exhibiting the seriousness of your injury(ies) as well as determining the amount of recovery you will receive for pain and suffering as well as future medical care.  These are the experts you can document not only how you feel, but what you can expect to need to maximize your recovery.

Insurance adjusters, Workers’ Compensation Judges as well as Social Security Judges evaluate your claim based on the severity of your injuries as well as the providers that recommend treatment and the types of treatment modalities.  Should your medical treatment be limited, there is a lapse in time between treatment sessions and/or you are non-compliant with treatment recommendations, the outcome of your claim will be mediocre at best, and, even more importantly, you risk you overall healthcare treatment.

Although it is time consuming and at times costly, attending appointments and following up on treatment recommendations from your treating physician(s) is imperative for the best possible outcome of your healthcare and potentially of your claim.

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