You do not have to drive very far or for very long to see there is road construction virtually every where this time of year. The saying “patience is a virtue” was probably thought of by a driver who was late and stuck in construction traffic. It is most certainly my quiet prayer as I suddenly encounter the orange flag person sign ahead of stopped traffic.

As hard as it may be, planning may very well be everything. Even your most routine trips–shopping, work or worship may be effected, so take nothing for granted. When you see signs flashing construction dates, be sure to take note and plan alternative routes. Even though these routes are longer, your travel time may be greatly reduced.

Drive at the reduced speed limit posted in the construction area. I know the temptation to go the usual speed limit if possible in these construction areas, but the reduced speed is for your protection, the other drivers around you, and the construction workers themselves. Construction vehicles often enter or leave the construction site, making observation of the posted speed limit additionally important. Finally, the fines and penalties for speeding in a construction area are greater.

The best way to get somewhere on time right now is to give your self plenty of extra time. Then no matter where the construction “pops up”, you will best be able to handle it appropriately.

Not easy to do, but keep your cool and get there safely.

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