Workers’ Compensation Claim:

Should you injure yourself on the job, the Employer and its insurance company is responsible to pay for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred for treatment rendered for your work injury(ies).  This includes payments of co-pays for medical appointments, medication(s) and travel expenses to and from medical appointments.  It is important to keep a record of appointments as well as a list of medications to ensure the insurance company is honoring their obligation for payment of these expenses.

Motor Vehicle Collision:

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, your automobile insurance carrier is responsible for payment of all medical expenses.  Typically, most consumers carry $5,000.00-$10,000.00 of medical coverage on their policy.  Once you exceed your medical coverage under the automobile policy, it will be the responsibility of your personal health insurance to pay the remaining bills. Should you not have personal health insurance at the time of the collision, it is your responsibility to make the necessary payments to satisfy any outstanding balance(s) you may have incurred.

 Slip/Trip and Fall:

If you are injured in a slip/trip and fall, the property owner is generally responsible for payment of your medical bills depending on what type of limits they carry on their insurance policy. Should they have medical insurance, they will pay medical expenses until it meets their policy limits.  Once your medical expenses exceed the limits, you will be responsible for payment of all medical bills.  In the event the property owner does not carry insurance, you will need to determine whether or not to pay for the treatment out of your own pocket or bring forth a legal action against them.

The above listings are basic outlines.  Should you have difficulty getting medical bills paid due to no fault of your own, it is best to contact an experienced attorney who will navigate through these difficult waters for you.

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