A deposition is part of the “Discovery” process in a lawsuit.  The purpose of depositions in some cases is to assist the attorney in finding out what a witness may know about the case as well as allowing the client to tell their version of what took place. Depositions allow all facts of the case to be revealed which alleviates the possibility of any surprises (e.g. damaging statements) should the case proceed to trial.  

Depositions are usually undertaken at an attorney’s office in the presence of attorneys, witnesses, a court reporter as well as a videographer.  Both attorneys will then ask a series of questions related to the lawsuit which the court reporter will transcribe word for word.  A transcript is then generated for both attorneys to aid in their lawsuit process.

It is very common for clients and witnesses to be reluctant to give their testimony at a deposition.  Prior to the deposition, the attorney will adequately prepare you for the line of questioning you will be faced with.

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