In a previous blog, I discussed receiving a jury duty notice. And I had jury duty for a few days in February. It was really insightful.

On Day 1, we assembled into the large jury room on the second floor of the Luzerne County Courthouse. It appeared that there were well over 200 prospective jurors. Panels were selected, called and seated. I never made it to a jury.

Jury duty can be … difficult, long, and tedious. It can be uncomfortable. But most of all, jury duty requires patience.

There are a lot of people, the conditions can be somewhat crowded, and it can get long. There is a lot of opportunity for conversation, reading, or clearing emails -depending on your preference.

And even having not been picked, jury duty is an important aspect of citizenship.

So here is my overwhelming recommendation – when you have the opportunity to serve on a jury, take it. There is a sense of civic duty and democracy that we, as citizens, do not often experience.

Jury duty is a cherished opportunity.

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