Traffic signs are posted for the safety of all drivers, but are often ignored by even the most experienced drivers. Ignoring some signs often result in a ticket.  It is important to remember, every time you disobey a traffic sign, the outcome can be two-fold: It can result in a fine or can end with a fatality.

Most accidents are the result of a careless driver. Running traffic signs is a dangerous situation, but following the posted sign you keep everyone around you safe, as well as yourself.  Do not assume everyone else on the road is paying attention. Yield signs, One Way signs, Stops signs, Men at Work, Children at Play, Traffic signals, Speed limit signs, etc., all ensure that drivers follow the laws and keep the roadways safe.

Tickets for disobeying traffic signs are expensive and can easily be avoided. Following traffic signs not only make roadways safer, but also keeps you from breaking the law. The time you save disobeying a traffic sign is not worth the maximum fine or most importantly, the loss of a life.

 Remember: “Alert today-Alive Tomorrow.”

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