Well, unfortunately, our prison tour was postponed.  However, everyone who signed up to participate is eagerly awaiting a new date and time for the tour.  

Meanwhile, our class had our closing retreat on May 4th at The Quality Inn, next to TGI Fridays.  We reviewed what we learned and I believe we all attained a better understanding of the skills needed for successful leadership and involvement in our community.  We went over the Platinum Rule Behavioral Styles and Leadership Challenges and how we each fit into leadership roles by evaluating our individual personalities and skills. We were also given information on the responsibilities for effective board service and membership and how to continue networking for success in our future endeavors.

We had a friendly publicity contest to see who had the most publicity for their project and saw how the media helped in our efforts at fund raising and getting the news out about our projects and what our team goals were for each project worked on by the entire class.  

During the afternoon, we were all encouraged to make a vision board for our future selves on just where we would like to be and what goals we would like to achieve to better ourselves and our community.  The vision boards were as different and unique as each person in our class.  It was very relaxing and enjoyable and we were able to share our stories and solidify friendships.

Even though all of the teams are still in the process of finalizing their videos to be shown at the graduation ceremony on June 8th at the Mohegan Sun Conference Center, we all realized this is the last time we will all be together and that our classes have now concluded and we will be going back to our daily routines.   May we all strive to use the leadership skills  we have learned throughout the last year.

Thank you Lori Nocito and your wonderful staff members for a great year!  We will miss seeing you on a regular basis as much as you stated you will miss us.

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