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It is always important to have the police at an accident scene, no matter who is at fault and especially should there be personal injury. An emergency  dispatcher will also contact medical personnel, if they should be needed.  So once the accident occurs, pull to the side of the road or into a nearby parking lot, and call 911.  If you pull to the side of the road, be sure you are entirely off the road.  Please be sure to get your person to a safe place away from the continuing vehicle flow.

In some instances, you may encounter a driver who may not want you to contact the police.  Should that instance arise, ignore that person and make the call.  Try to make note of the other vehicles license plate and, if possible, the make and model of the other vehicle, in case the other vehicle does not wait for the police to arrive.  Under no circumstances should you leave the accident scene.  Not only is it essential that you provide any necessary help immediately following an accident, but leaving an accident scene can result in having your driving privileges revoked or your license suspended.

Once the police arrive, the following information should be exchanged:

  1. Name, address and contact details.
  2. Driver license number.
  3. License plate number of the vehicles involved.
  4. Auto insurance information for the motorists involved.

After all necessary information has been exchanged, be sure to notify your insurance agent immediately of the accident. They will want to secure all details of the incident in order to properly process all claims associated with the accident.  Failure to do so may effect your ability to pursue any insurance claims.

Finally, contact a personal injury attorney if you or anyone in your vehicle has been injured.

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