What to bring with you when you are meeting with an attorney after a motor vehicle accident?  In short, bring everything with you.  It is important to meet with an attorney after you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident as soon as you can after the accident occurs.  The best way to make sure that the meeting is the most beneficial to you is to bring everything with you to that first meeting.

Start with your own insurance.  You will need the insurance card, but you should also bring the complete auto insurance policy itself.  In this way, the attorney can review the entire insurance policy in order to determine for what you should be covered, who your agent should be, and how best to proceed with you own insurance company.

If you have health insurance, you should bring that health insurance card and any additional information you have regarding your own personal health insurance as well.  In this way, the attorney can review what additional healthcare services to which you may be entitled and/or may be necessary for your maximum recovery.  Also, if you are on SSI, SSD, SSR, Department of Public Welfare, Medicare and/or Medicaid, please bring all cards and other documents you have relating to any and all of those programs.

Bring all medications you are currently taking-whether they relate to this motor vehicle accident or not.  Just bring the actual bottles.  In this way, the attorney will not only know what prescriptions you received as a result of this motor vehicle, but also what other conditions you may have.  Perhaps,  these conditions have been made worse as a result of the motor vehicle accident.  This will allow for a full discussion on this important issue to be discussed with the attorney.

Now, yes, bring all information you have relating to the motor vehicle accident.  Where exactly did the accident occur?  The police report or the number of the report given to you by the officer who came to the accident scene.  All information and pictures you have relating to the other people or witnesses involved in the motor vehicle including their insurance information, their addresses, and any telephone numbers.

Most importantly, make notes about what you remember about the accident and how it occurred.  When you are at the appointment with the personal injury attorney, make the most of that time so that they can be on the best course of action to protect you and more your matter forward.

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