Millions of accidents involving cars happen each year, and unfortunately, thousands of those lead to motorcycle deaths.  In fact, approximately 14% of traffic deaths involve motorcycles and even more involve horrific injuries that lead to paralysis and other life-altering medical conditions.  Additionally, accidents between automobiles and motorcycles can cause devastating injuries even if the two vehicles do not actually physically collide with each other.

No-Contact Motorcycle Accident

When an accident occurs where the motorist of a vehicle causes a motorcycle wreck even though there is no actual collision between the two vehicles, it is known as a no-contact motorcycle accident.  A truck or car driver can be held legally responsible for any injuries suffered by the motorcyclist, or any property damage sustained, even if his/her truck or car did not actually even touch the motorcycle physically.

Typical No-Contact Accident Scenarios

If a motorcyclist sees a car or truck driver behaving inappropriately or dangerously on the road, they may skid or lay their motorcycle down, or even crash into another area or vehicle, in an attempt to avoid the collision with the first car or truck.  A typical scenario is when a car or truck changes lanes and does not check around them to see if there are any motorcycles.  In an attempt to avoid the collision, the motorcyclist will do everything he/she can to avoid the crash, which can still cause considerable damage physically and to the motorcycle as well.

Other common scenarios of a no-collision accident include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to monitor the surroundings of the vehicle, and failing to detect a motorcyclist
  • Making unsafe driving decisions, such as changing lanes rapidly or without signaling
  • Violating traffic laws, such as speeding, running red lights, making illegal turns, failing to yield the right of way, etc.

Complexity of No Contact Accidents

Most of the time, the driver of the car or truck has no idea that they have just caused a no-contact accident with a motorcycle.  Oftentimes, they will simply keep driving, unaware that they caused injury to property and the motorcyclist.  Witnesses are especially significant in these cases, as they can testify to the accident, the facts, the surrounding circumstances, and help establish the timeline and facts of the accident.

No-Contact Accident Claim

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another in a no-contact motorcycle accident, the following will help you if you decide to pursue a claim:

  • Photograph and document as much of the accident as possible, including the road, damage, your motorcycle, any vehicle involved, and weather conditions, as these may all help you build your case
  • If possible, document the car or truck drivers’ license number, license plate number, and all pertinent vehicle insurance information
  • Request all witnesses to provide their names and telephone numbers for future contact regarding statements describing the accident
  • Request that the police write a written report, and also ask for a copy

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