Ridesharing has become commonplace throughout the United States. Jumping in the car with a complete stranger to take you to a destination is now a daily routine for many throughout America. However, while most Uber or Lyft rides are completely uneventful, there are unfortunately reports of serious injuries or even deaths related to passengers in ridesharing vehicles. Make sure you understand the following recommended safety tips when riding alone in an Uber, Lyft or any other ridesharing vehicle.

Ridesharing Safety Tips

Your common sense is the most important thing you can use when using a ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft. If something feels wrong, do not hesitate to cancel the ride, and request a new one. Make sure to always remove yourself from any strange or unusual situation that you feel is dangerous in any way. Additionally, consider following these safety tips.

  • Request Your Rideshare Inside a Building. Never stand outside to request an Uber or You have a greater chance of safety being indoors. If you are standing outside alone with your phone in your hand, you are inherently distracted and can be easy prey for someone to either abduct or rob you. Additionally, if you stay inside, you will clearly see the vehicle traveling to where you are until they pull up to the building, giving you added security.
  • Check Credentials. Take just one moment before you step alone into a ridesharing vehicle that you are absolutely getting into the correct type of car with the correct driver. It only takes a moment to check the license plate number and the type of vehicle along with the photo of the driver. If something does not match exactly, do not get in the vehicle.
  • Ride in the Backseat. If something ever does go wrong in your ridesharing vehicle, you have more options in the backseat of the car to exit the vehicle.
  • Always Wear Your Seat Belt. Accidents can happen anytime, even in a ridesharing vehicle. If you are injured in an accident in an Uber or Lyft as a passenger, you may have to discuss obtaining compensation for your injuries from either Uber or Lyft as some companies do provide insurance for their drivers. However, Uber offers an insurance policy for its drivers, other companies do not. Always visit with an experienced personal injury attorney if you are in an accident to help you determine where you should file your claim to obtain the compensation you deserve.
  • Tell Someone. Whenever you are going to be in an Uber or Lyft alone, let a friend know where you are going. Another option is to simply stay on the phone with them during the entirety of the ride.
  • Never Share Personal or Private Information. Never share any personal or private information with your driver at any time.

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