If you suffered injuries in a car accident, there is a chance you may have catastrophic medical injuries including damage to your spinal cord. The severity of spinal cord injuries ranges widely and spinal cord injuries ultimately may be permanent or even result in death. The following are common kinds of spinal cord injuries that victims may suffer following a serious car accident. Knowing your rights following an accident can help you understand how you may be able to receive compensation for your spinal cord injuries.

Complete Vs. Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries 

There are two different ways your spinal cord injury may be categorized: incomplete or complete. A full injury to the spinal cord would make a victim completely unable to move any bodily area below the injury. This physical area below the injury will have no feeling or only small amounts of feeling, and unfortunately, there is typically only a very small chance of making a full and complete recovery. An incomplete injury to the spinal cord is when a victim of a car accident may actually experience stimuli, feeling, or even have the potential to move parts of their body, except only in small areas. Sometimes, there is hope that these patients can at least make a partial, or slow recovery.

Common Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

The following are common types of spinal cord injuries suffered after an accident due to someone else’s negligence.

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated discs or ruptured discs
  • Facet Joint Injuries
  • Spinal fractures
  • Spinal Stenosis

Whiplash is considered the most minor of all spinal cord injuries. In fact, some victims of car accidents that experience whiplash will actually have no pain after a few days or weeks if they simply rest and take over-the-counter pain medications as directed by a doctor. However, other cases of spinal cord injuries are typically much more severe and can be either temporary or unfortunately, permanent. For example, spinal fractures may heal over time, or they may cause permanent injuries. In some cases, spinal injury may heal over time with rest, physical therapy or surgery, or a combination of these approaches. Lastly, some spinal cord injuries are so severe they cause permanent paralysis or even death. Each survivor of spinal cord injury will have different experiences and different prognoses.

Let us Help You Today

Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most severe injuries suffered in a car accident. They can lead to permanent paralysis or even death. Oftentimes, the lives of victims suffering from spinal cord injuries are never the same. You have the right to seek justice for the injuries you now face that were due to the negligence of another person.  Contact one of our  personal injury attorneys at O’Donnell Law Offices at 570-821-5717 or online today to help you understand your legal rights and how you can receive compensation for your spinal cord injury, or any other injuries from your car accident. We proudly serve clients in Kingston, Wilkes Barre, Hazleton, and Pittston.




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