On July 23, 2020, Judge Christine Ward, Judge of Allegheny County’s Commerce and Complex Litigation Court, entered an Order on COVID-19 coverage cases against Erie Insurance. Judge Ward has formally coordinated pending cases filed against Erie Insurance for breach of contract on Erie’s refusal to pay business interruption claims
during the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision will have the practical effect of expediting the Court’s consideration of claims against Erie Insurance. Erie has denied payment on business interruption claims.

In her Order coordinating the cases, filed in Tambellini v. Erie, Judge Ward directed Erie to apprise the Court of all similar actions filed against it.

This is a significant development for businesses across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Order creates a common forum for all COVID-19 cases filed against Erie for losses caused by the Coronavirus and mandated closures.

If you operate a business and have been considering a business interruption claim for losses caused in the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated closures, call us at (570) 821- 5717. We would like to be of assistance.

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