Many teenagers use their cell phones throughout the day, and unfortunately, even while driving. However, while texting and driving can result in serious and catastrophic accidents, there are some benefits to certain apps available for cell phones that may give parents of teenagers comfort while their children are driving a car. The following are some types of cell phone apps that can help encourage your teenage drivers to operate a motor vehicle safely, as well as provide some level of comfort regarding their whereabouts and driving habits.


This app is more like a game, and incentivizes users to use good driving habits by rewarding safe behavior. Teenagers can “compete” with other friends and drivers to have higher scores for safe driving. This free app turns driving safety into a game that gives rewards for safe driving.


This app allows a parent to monitor a teenager while they are actually behind the wheel of the car. A parent can choose to receive notifications if their child drives over the speed limit or exceeds a parameter geographically established by the parents.


This app completely prevents a person from texting and driving. If a driver receives a text while driving, this app will actually read the message out loud to the driver while simultaneously sending a response to the texter that the person is currently driving and will respond at a later time. This app is not free, however, is not expensive and an excellent way to ensure that there is no texting and driving while your teenager is operating a motor vehicle.

Drive Safe

Drive Safe also sends an auto-reply to any incoming text messages or phone calls allowing a driver to remain completely focused on the road.


This app also provides incentivization to eliminate habits related to distracted driving. It prevents a user from texting and driving or even using a cell phone while driving. It also allows a parent to track teenagers and provides them a way to give teenage drivers rewards for safe driving behavior. This app also will provide parents with a notification that their teenager has reached their destination.


iOnRoad is a creative app that actually gauges the distance between you and the car in front of you. Additionally, this app can block text messages and phone calls when a driver is operating a motor vehicle.

TrueMotion Family

This app can help parents determine if their child is driving safely on the roadways, as it can determine if a teenage driver exceeded the speed limit, the number of times they had to brake hard, or other types of unsafe driving habits.

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