While the federal government issues standards regarding required safety devices on vehicles, catastrophic accidents can still happen that result in serious injuries or fatalities. Every car accident will have its own set of unique facts and circumstances; however, there are certain types of car accidents that have a greater risk of danger and injury to passengers.

Rear-end Accident

Sometimes rear-end accidents are simply minor fender benders. However, when a person is tailgating behind someone at high speeds and the driver in front stops quickly, the result can be disastrous. These types of accidents are well-known to cause severe injuries to the neck and spine as well as cause traumatic brain injuries. Whiplash may seem minor but can lead to life-long and permanent health issues. Always try to ensure that there is enough space between you and the care in front of you, as well as to try to move to another lane if you see someone behind you is tailgating too closely.

Head-on Collisions

As expected, head-on collisions often result in serious injuries or even deaths as two cars come directly at each other with large force and speed. The strong impact of two vehicles impacting each other head-on can easily explain how head-on collision results in 10% of all car collision fatalities.

Rollover Accidents

In some cases, rollover accidents are so catastrophic and severe that fatalities occur. In other cases, victims suffer crushed bones due to the roof collapsing on top of them. If the roof collapses on top of a victim following a rollover accident, there may be the opportunity to file a claim against a manufacturer for a defective or faulty vehicle component that caused the roof to collapse.

Side-Impact Collisions 

If one car sideswipes or t-bones another vehicle, it can lead to serious injuries as a victim’s body is hurled immediately in an opposite direction to the other they were traveling. Over 20% of all fatalities associated with car accidents happen as a result of side-impact collisions, which can occur on highways, parking lots, or in intersections.

Off-Road Crashes

If a vehicle veers off of the roadway, the risk of a serious accident exponentially increases. In these cases, a vehicle may directly hit a telephone pole or concrete barrier. These types of accidents are the most deadly and account for up to 30% of all fatalities related to collisions on the roadways.

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