Unfortunately, when people get frustrated about their life situation or circumstances, they may take it out on other drivers on the roadways. This is commonly known as road rage, and occurs when aggressive drivers place the lives of themselves and others at risk for serious injuries or even death. Shockingly, the statistics from the Insurance Information Institute indicate that over half of all fatalities in automobile crashes from 2003 – 2007 involved some form of aggressive driving. The following are some common signs of road rage and aggressive driving that should be avoided on the roadways. Learning to spot these tell-tale signs of road rage can help you from becoming a victim of aggressive driving.


While many people make the decision to go slightly over the speed limit, there are those drivers that take speeding to an extreme. Any excessive speeding can be a sign of road rage. Speeding is dangerous as it lowers the amount of reaction time a driver has to make wise and prudent decisions regarding incidents, obstacles, or other challenges they may encounter on the roadways. Given that speeding causes one-third of all traffic fatalities, if you see someone speeding dangerously on the highways, make sure to avoid them at all costs.


We have all had that one person that follows us too closely on the roadways. This common occurrence is a cause of serious and catastrophic accidents. If you notice someone tailgating you, resist the temptation to continually tap on the brakes to irritate them, and simply move to another lane of traffic if possible.

Weaving Wildly Through Traffic or Changing Lanes

Weaving in and out of traffic in order to get a better position on the highway is a common occurrence, but far too frequently leads to serious accidents. These drivers think that by weaving in and out of traffic, or rapidly changing lanes, they will somehow arrive at their destination faster. Unfortunately, in some cases, this sign of road rage can cause serious injuries and accidents.

Abusive Behavior Including Honking, Gesturing, Yelling, Leering/Staring

Any type of abusive or aggressive behavior by one driver against another on the roadways is a clear sign of road rage. Many people will honk their horn incessantly, or gesture wildly at another driver. Vulgar gestures or yelling at other drivers is another form of road rage. Even pulling up close to another vehicle simply to intimidate another driver through leering or staring can be considered a sign of road rage. Avoid these types of drivers in all circumstances if possible.

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