Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can completely change your life. Car accidents are one of the most common causes of TBIs in the United States. However, they can also be caused by dangerous working conditions, slip-and-fall accidents, medical error, assault and/or battery, and other forms of negligence or recklessness. If you or a loved one have suffered a TBI due to another’s negligence, you do not have to shoulder the burden alone. A personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation that you deserve, and allow you to get back to focusing on your life and recovery.

Legal Challenges with TBIs

Traumatic brain injuries are not always immediately diagnosable. While it may be obvious in some cases, depending on the kind of injury, TBIs are not always caused by a blunt force trauma to the head, such as impacting with a windshield. Other times, the whiplash of an accident is enough to cause a TBI. This can be difficult to diagnose immediately following a car accident, as swelling or bleeding in the brain may take time to become apparent. Additionally, the symptoms of a TBI may take a while to become clear to the individual suffering, as headaches, brain fog, and fatigue are also not uncommon after suffering a physical catastrophe like a car crash. It can take a while to realize that something is different than before, and to determine the root cause. Some TBIs don’t even begin to develop until after the accident has occurred, due to damage sustained to the brain tissue. Swelling and bleeding of the brain can also be initiated after the trauma of the accident.

Hire a Lawyer

Due to the challenges of bringing a traumatic brain injury claim, it is always in your best interest to consult with a lawyer. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be prepared to handle the complexities of a TBI case, and will be able to call in experts to explain and validate your injuries and overcome any obstacles that the other party tries to throw your way. Traumatic brain injuries often impair brain-function long-term for victims. We are prepared to advocate zealously on your behalf, to recover compensation for an injury that you never should have had to suffer in the first place.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one have suffered a TBI due to the negligent, reckless, or malicious conduct of another, the O’Donnell Law offices are here to help. We will gladly review the specific facts and circumstances of your claim in order to determine the best course of action to get you the compensation and financial support that you are entitled to by law. A successful personal injury lawsuit allows you to recover for all past and future medical expenses, all expenses related to the injury, lost wages and/or lost income potential, and compensation for intangibles like pain and suffering as well. While a lawsuit cannot make the injury go away, it can at least put you back in the financial position you would have been in, had it never occurred. Schedule a free initial consultation with the personal injury attorneys at the O’Donnell Law Offices serving clients in Kingston, Wilkes Barre, Hazleton and Pittston at 570-821-5717 or online today. There is no fee or costs until we win your case.

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