If you have been injured or developed an illness or condition as a result of your job, you may be experiencing debilitating pain. The process of receiving workers’ compensation benefits can be frustrating and overwhelming. Although you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries suffered as a result of your employment (and for the benefit of your employer), it is not at all uncommon for perfectly legitimate claims to be denied coverage. After all, if workers’ compensation employment companies paid out all claims they would go out of business. It can be devastating to be denied benefits that you are legally entitled to while you are in pain, unable to work, and surrounded by medical pills that are piling up. This is the exact situation that a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney can help you with.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Pennsylvania, most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance exists as a kind of implied contract between employees and employers. When an employee is injured at work, as a result of their job-required duties, workers’ compensation ensures them certain benefits, such as medical care and full or partial wage replacement as they recover. In exchange, employees cannot sue their employer to recover for their injury. You might be wondering how a lawyer can help if employees are not able to sue. In fact, lawyers can still be a critical part of this process.

How A Lawyer Can Help

What many employees don’t understand is that workers’ compensation insurance adjusters are not on their side. Adjusters have a vested interest in limiting liability for the insurance company. For this reason, the questions that adjusters ask are generally designed to extract information that can be used to deny coverage. Employees may readily share information in an effort to cooperate only to find it was used to deny their claim. After all, insurance adjusters are professionals in this field, and know a lot about this process that an injured employee doesn’t. A workers’ compensation attorney helps to level the playing field between an employee and the workers’ compensation insurance company, to ensure that their rights are protected and that they receive the coverage that they are entitled to. A lawyer can also serve to help you navigate this process and, in the event of a denial, appeal the decision. This can take the stress off of your shoulders so that you can focus on recovering while your lawyer focuses on getting you the benefits that you deserve. A lot of employees also may not realize that they are entitled to additional benefits and settle for less than they qualify for. A lawyer can ensure that the workers’ compensation insurance company provides you with the maximum benefits and compensation that you are entitled to so that you do not have to settle for less.

Contact a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania workplace accident and are struggling to get the benefits and compensation that you are entitled to, you are not alone. Schedule a free initial consultation with the personal injury attorneys at the O’Donnell Law Offices serving clients in Kingston, Wilkes Barre, Hazleton and Pittston at 570-821-5717 or online today. There is no fee or costs until we win your case.



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