If you have dashcam footage it can go a long way in helping insurance companies, authorities, and courts in making a finding of liability after a vehicle collision. Whether the footage will help or hurt your case depends entirely of course on whether you were the liable driver. If the accident was not your fault and you have dashcam footage that corroborates your version of events, this is the best case scenario. However, if you have dashcam footage showing that you are liable for the crash it can raise some more legal issues. If you have been involved in a Pennsylvania car accident, the best thing that you can do is talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. No two cases are the same, so the only way to know the best course of action to take in your particular case is to have the facts reviewed by a legal expert. If you would like to talk one on one with a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney you are welcome to contact O’Donnell Law Offices to schedule a consultation.

Are Dashboard Cameras Legal in Pennsylvania?

Dashcams are legal in Pennsylvania, provided that they do not obstruct the driver’s view. It is legal to record video footage on your dashcam in Pennsylvania, and that footage is legally admissible in court and can be used to make a determination of liability. If your dashcam records audio inside of your vehicle, you must inform any and all passengers or you may face illegal wiretapping charges. Of course, most dashcams do not have this capability, but it is easy to check and see if yours does and notify people if necessary. If you have recorded footage of an accident, that footage can be subpoenaed by the court if it is deemed relevant to the case. This also means that if you attempt to delete, alter, or tamper with footage of an accident it could result in additional criminal charges. If you are involved in an accident that was not your fault, it is a good idea in the wake of the accident to ask any other drivers involved if they have dashboard cameras. If you become aware that another driver has dashcam footage of the accident it is important to notify your attorney as soon as possible so that they can take action to subpoena the footage before it can be altered, lost, or destroyed.

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