A multi-car crash on Wilkes-Barre Boulevard recently, resulted in two individuals being transported to area hospitals for treatment. The Luzerne County accident is said to have involved three cars. The individuals hospitalized had been traveling in separate cars. There is currently no information available on their condition. The police have not stated yet whether anyone was liable for the crash or what factors may have been involved in causing it. However, the investigation remains ongoing. Multi-car crashes can be among the most complex to investigate as there can be so many conflicting accounts of events. Additionally, it can become complicated determining which insurance policy to make a claim against. In some cases, multiple claims against multiple policies must be filed. Having an attorney to help you navigate this process can be a game-changer. If you have found yourself in a multi-car accident, retaining representation as soon as possible is critical.

Determining Liability in a Multi-Car Accident

As noted above, it can be a complicated process to determine liability in a multi-car accident due to multiple conflicting accounts. Any additional information and evidence can serve to further expedite the process. Evidence such as security or dashcam footage, witness statements and accounts, and photos and videos from the scene of the crash can all provide objective insight into the cause of the crash and help the insurance companies make a determination of liability. However, in the absence of such evidence, or where a case remains too complicated to easily come to a solution, the issue of liability may have to be resolved in court. A lawyer can aid you in this process, by taking over communication with insurance claims adjusters to ensure that you do not fall victim to any common pitfalls. Your lawyer will also ensure that you obtain and provide any evidence available to corroborate your account of events. For this reason, retaining an attorney early on in the process can help streamline the investigation and keep the process on track. It’s also important to take action early to ensure that your cause of action does not expire. Pennsylvania, like all states, has a statute of limitations on how long you have to bring a personal injury claim. This statute of limitations essentially acts as a time limit, and when it is up, your standing to bring a claim has expired. It is important to take action before this occurs, as you do not want to lose your right to sue for the harm that you have suffered due to someone else’s negligence.

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