Motorcycle accidents can be among the most catastrophic to be involved in. Motorcycle drivers are particularly vulnerable to injury during a crash, as they lack the protection that standard passenger vehicles provide to other drivers. In fact, the vehicles that protect drivers often act as a weapon against motorcyclists, and accidents are on the rise. Pennsylvania has consistently been identified as one of the top ten most dangerous states for motorcyclists in the United States, with over 3,000 motorcycle accidents occurring nearly every year. Additionally, nearly 15% of all fatal crashes in Pennsylvania involved a motorcyclist. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be unsure what your options are or how to move forward. For many victims of motorcycle accidents who incur massive medical bills and are unable to return to work for at least a period of time, the only way that they are able to recover financially is by bringing a personal injury lawsuit.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Bring a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

Motorcycle accidents can be particularly difficult to navigate. Often, injuries are severe and can require long-term care. Insurance claims adjusters will be quick to reach out and try to get victims to settle; they may even offer settlements that sound very good. However, this is a tactic. It’s important to understand that the insurance claims adjusters are not on your side. Their interest is in limiting the amount of money that their insurance company has to pay out. By trying to get you to accept a settlement offer before you can have an accurate idea of the full extent of your injuries and the treatment and costs that will be required, they are tricking you into accepting less than you will actually need to recover from the crash that their client’s negligence cost. A lawyer will be your advocate and make sure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the insurance negotiation process. They can also take over communication and negotiations with the insurance company to ensure that you don’t make any costly missteps and that you are not taken advantage of. They will make sure that you have a complete and accurate understanding of your injuries and the treatment that will be required to recover from them before considering any settlement offers. A lawyer can also hold the responsible party accountable by bringing a personal injury lawsuit, which will allow you to recover all costs incurred as a result of the crash, including past and anticipated future medical costs, lost wages, lost earning potential, compensation for pain and suffering, and, in some cases, punitive damages. A lawyer can be instrumental in helping you to navigate this process and making sure that you are restored to the position that you would have been in financially had the accident never occurred. If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident a great first step is to schedule a consultation with an attorney so that they can review the facts of your case and determine what legal avenues are available to you.

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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycle crash, you do not have to navigate the process alone. Schedule a free initial consultation with the personal injury attorneys at the O’Donnell Law Offices serving clients in Kingston, Wilkes Barre, Hazleton and Pittston at 570-821-5717 or online today. There is no fee or costs until we win your case.

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