Construction, manufacturing, and industrial work and some of the most dangerous fields that a person can work in. It is often said that in these fields, the question is not if you will be injured but when. One of the primary reasons that so many injuries occur in these fields is the heavy-duty machinery and equipment. Employees can get caught in machinery, use it incorrectly, or suffer due to a mechanical malfunction. There is a low margin for error when it comes to using even small equipment, like a nail gun, which can result in painful injuries and even death in the result of a malfunction or human error. Forklift accidents are also responsible for a high number of injuries each year. Ultimately, if you are injured by a piece of equipment at your job while performing work-related tasks, you are entitled to compensation and benefits. Also, you’re not alone. Over 6,000 employees suffer machine-related injuries each year, many suffering amputations, broken bones, lacerations, and debilitating injuries as a result. Additionally, approximately 200 employees each year die as a result of mechanical or equipment issues at their workplace. Interestingly, this number has not decreased in nearly 20 years, begging the question of whether employers are really taking necessary precautions to mitigate unnecessary risks to employees.

What to Do if You Suffer a Machine-Related Injury at Work

If you suffer a machine-related injury at work and you are an employee, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from your employer, provided you were performing work-related duties at the time your injury occurred. For instance, if you were having a forklift race with another co-worker and were injured, this may not qualify for coverage since it was not for the benefit of your employer, whereas if you suffered injuries due to being pinned by a piece of heavy equipment while performing your job duties, you would be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Regardless of whether you believe you are entitled to coverage, it’s important to file a claim. The workers’ compensation insurance company can do the work of determining whether to approve your claim (and even in the instance that they deny it, you can appeal the decision). The important thing for you to do is to notify your supervisor or employer of the injury as soon as possible so that they can initiate the claim. If you notify them verbally, make sure to follow up in writing so it is documented that you reported the injury.

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