Considering that the majority of traffic accidents are preventable because they are largely the result of human error, this reality can make it hard to digest the tremendous amount of destruction, physical bodily harm, and death that take place every year across the United States because of car accidents. When compared to other similar developed and industrialized nations around the world, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that it is the United States that leads these countries with the number of traffic accidents reported every year.

If you were harmed in a traffic accident in Pennsylvania or if you lost a loved one in a fatal crash, you can count on the trusted and experienced car accident lawyers at O’Donnell Law for help obtaining the full amount of compensation you need and you deserve.

What Age Group Suffers the Most From Car Accidents in Pennsylvania?

The CDC indicates that state-level changes to traffic laws can have a positive effect on lowering car accident rates. For example, in Pennsylvania appropriate child passenger safety seats are required for children at least until they are nine years of age. Or, drivers must be age 18 and older to have their nighttime driving and young passenger restrictions lifted.

This is how the costs of fatal car accidents breakdown by age group in Pennsylvania:

  • Children- 3%, $46 million
  • Older adults- 4%, $70 million
  • Teens- 7%, $108 million
  • Adults- 41%, $671 million
  • Young Adults- 45%, $731 million

As you can see, adults and younger adults have the highest financial losses when it comes to fatal crashes in the state.

In 2018 alone, there were over 1,200 people who died in Pennsylvania car accidents. When looking at Pennsylvania’s costs from fatal accidents against other states in the region, Washington, D.C., Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia, Pennsylvania’s costs were the most in 2018 at $1.79 billion. By contrast, Washington, D.C. was the lowest that year with $66 million.

The cost of car accidents in the United States has been estimated to be over $230 billion annually. That comes out to $700 for every single citizen of the United States. With as many as 20% of people who earn money in the country having a median savings of around $600, this can really put in perspective how expensive car accident damages in this country are.

Car accidents can be very expensive and have extensive damages. Victims should not have to carry the burden of paying for the losses they suffered after an accident. It is important to get in touch with an attorney trained in personal injury laws in your state soon after you are injured in a traffic accident to increase your chances of securing maximum recovery.

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