It is required that licensed drivers in the state of Pennsylvania have specific minimum liability coverage to lawfully operate a motor vehicle on the roads. Not only is it lawful to have such minimums, but it is smart too. If you are in a car accident, the damages that result can be significant. Medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if you are hit by a motorist that is not abiding by the law and does not have any insurance coverage, you may be wondering what your options are to get the compensation you need for your damages.

For help after a car accident in Pennsylvania, the  personal injury attorneys at O’Donnell Law Offices are here for you and can offer assistance.

Why Uninsured Motorist Coverage is Essential

Each state in the nation has its own laws related to automobile insurance. Aside from the mandatory minimum coverage that is necessary to drive, all insurance providers must offer uninsured motorist coverage in Pennsylvania. Though, a driver is not required to buy that extra insurance coverage. By signing a Rejection of Uninsured Motorist Protection waiver, you can opt-out of having that extra level of protection.

Drivers may think forgoing such additional safeguards can help them save money over time. But if you consider the expenses that can result in even a moderate accident where there are disabling non-fatal injuries, the national average cost here can be as high as $100,000. Even with just some evidence of injuries after a crash, those costs can be as high as $30,000 on average. Catastrophic and deadly crashes can have exorbitant expenses that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to over one million.

Considering that the mandatory minimum for insurance in Pennsylvania is just $5,000 for medical expenses and bodily injuries for one person is $15,000, even a driver that has the minimum coverage still may not have sufficient means to pay for all of the damages in the aftermath of a crash.

Should a driver have no insurance, this is where you will thank your lucky stars if you chose to purchase the additional uninsured motorist coverage. Because, while you may try to file a lawsuit against the other party for compensation, in most cases, these efforts are futile. An individual that does not have car insurance likely does not have wealth or assets that can make a legal suit worth your time or pay for your damages.

Uninsured motorist coverage provides additional financial protection should an uninsured driver hit you. With approximately 13% of drivers on the roads throughout the country having no insurance and about 7.6% of drivers in Pennsylvania driving without insurance, the risk for a car accident with one of these individuals is fairly high.

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The worst-case scenario is a person who has no insurance hits you when you do not have uninsured motorist coverage. However, you do not have to set yourself up to potentially be in this distressing situation. Uninsured motorist insurance is worthwhile looking into and considering.

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