Car accidents happen daily and inflict an incredible amount of harm on those that are involved. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in 2021 alone, there were well over 85 billion vehicle miles traveled throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Every day the state had 323 reportable vehicular collisions, which comes out to 13 car accidents each hour. These incidents lead to the loss of three lives per day and eight people suffering injuries every hour.

In 2021, Pennsylvania’s population was 12,964,056, and because crashes were so prevalent, as many as one out of 50 Pennsylvanians were in a reportable crash. Reportable crashes are those that have injuries or death, or they have destroyed a vehicle so much that it cannot be driven. As a result, reportable crashes cause some of the most havoc and are responsible for the most severe property damage and physical bodily harm. When a collision happens that has such destruction, it must be reported.

If you could not report a Pennsylvania car accident right after it happened you have a limited time to get this done. But if you are unable to get your report done in time, you could face penalties. An attorney can help you file your report. The car accident attorneys at the O’Donnell Law Offices are here for you when you have been victimized in a car accident.

When To Report Your Pennsylvania Car Accident

After a car accident, the car accident reporting laws in Pennsylvania indicate that you have only five days to file your police report. This is not a long time. And if you fail to file your report, you may risk a driving license suspension. Being unable to drive can make daily life very difficult.

It is best that after a car accident occurs, report it. That is if you can. There are instances where car accidents have such devastating outcomes that it is impossible to report them right away. Or other extenuating circumstances may prevent a crash from being reported quickly after it happens. But, where it is possible, calling the police can be helpful for many reasons. First, calling 9-1-1 can get all first responders to the scene quickly that may be needed. Second, the police that come out can write the report and take that legal burden off of your shoulders.

There are so many things to think about after a car accident it can be overwhelming, especially when you are injured. And, once you are safe at home, the tasks you have on your list that must be done to obtain compensation can be lengthy. You do not have to manage everything alone. An attorney can be an invaluable partner helping you through each step of the process and making things go much more smoothly.

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