Car accidents happen every day across the country leading to injuries and death. While not all car accidents are catastrophic, many can be life-changing. It only takes just one driver’s mistake or misstep to cause an accident that impacts the life of one or more people forever. And often, insurance is not only helpful for paying for car repairs after a crash but also for costly medical treatment and care victims need to attend to their injuries.

After a car accident, a victim that suffers harm may not know what they can do or what their rights are. They may consider filing an injury claim for compensation but be unsure about how to do it and if compensation for their losses is even possible. Car accidents can leave victims devastated, injured, overwhelmed, and confused. Seeking medical attention is critical after a car accident but so is speaking with an attorney that practices personal injury law. In Pennsylvania, victims of car accidents can call the car accident attorneys at the O’Donnell Law Offices.

How Attorneys Can Help With Life-altering Impacts of Car Accidents

The damages that a victim of a car accident can suffer may be quite substantial. Having to spend much time away from work means losing out on an income. Needing to see the doctor for procedures and treatment can be expensive. A damaged automobile can also be a substantial expenditure. These are just a sampling of economic damages that may have been sustained. There are also non-economic damages like pain and suffering or loss of consortium that a victim can suffer.

Victims of car accidents typically do better legally when they have a lawyer on their side advocating for their interests and protecting their rights. Using an attorney can not only improve a victim’s ability to secure compensation, but it can also help increase how much financial compensation is secured. An attorney can help a victim obtain compensation as high as five times more than what would have been awarded if no attorney was used.

And, while compensation is a legal means to help a victim become whole again, money may never be able to undo the wrongs and losses that a victim has to endure over their life. But, it can be incredibly helpful with paying for necessary expenses such as medication or medical procedures. For example, when a victim files a claim for compensation who suffered broken bones, on average, they may be able to secure $25,000 to $30,000 if they do not use a lawyer. By contrast with an attorney the average insurance payout increases to approximately more than $66,000. This is a substantial difference.

Speak with a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney Today

Car accidents can be incredibly damaging and costly for victims. The rest of a victim’s life may be altered and impaired after one of these cataclysmic events. This is why getting fair and full compensation is necessary and working with an attorney can help victims with this objective.

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