Pennsylvania is known for being a state that enjoys all four seasons. In the summer, the hot temperature can be steamy, the springs can be mild, the fall crisp and cool, and the winters can be frigid, with many winter storms covering the state with ice and snow. It is important for any driver who travels through the state to understand what to expect during the winter and what to look out for, especially when the weather is inclement. Being prepared and knowing how to respond in emergency situations can be the difference between devastating car accidents and avoiding harm.

When a crash happens, though, Pennsylvania’s car accident laws can be very complicated to interpret. Victims may or may not be able to file personal injury claims against others that caused their injury accident. It can be helpful for victims to meet with an experienced attorney after a crash to see what they can do to recoup their losses. The car accident attorneys at O’Donnell law offices can help you after a crash and discuss your legal options.

Driving During the Winter in Pennsylvania

Mild winters have happened in the Keystone State, where little precipitation has fallen and covered the roads. However, this is not the norm. Pennsylvania is a state that usually has reliable snowfall and ice each winter. So, when you drive throughout the state during the winter, it is essential to know how to do so in such dangerous conditions.

First, winter weather makers can cause a great deal of trouble for drivers. Heavy fog, blinding snowfall, and ice storms can make visibility limited and road conditions slippery. It is usually recommended to avoid driving when such conditions exist if possible, but if you have to go out or if you get caught in a winter storm, proceeding slowly and with caution, as you operate your vehicle is prudent. Keeping extra space between cars and driving at a reduced speed, even below the speed limit, is necessary.

Being conscious of the roads in the day and night when the winter is cold, and snow or ice has fallen is critical. But especially at night, a road may look like it is clear when in fact, the road is covered with a layer of ice that is unrecognizable to drivers. Black ice, as it is known, can be an unexpected or easily identified condition. Therefore, be careful when driving at night in Pennsylvania when it is wet outside.

While snow and ice are serious issues for drivers, there is another hazard to be aware of. That is other drivers on the road. Other drivers may be unaware of how to handle their vehicle in wintery conditions, or they may not drive responsibly for the conditions out of naivety or because they are overconfident in their driving abilities. As such, other drivers are a top winter weather hazard to know about.

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Negligent drivers are always a concern. However, when the weather conditions are slick and slippery, negligent drivers are even more dangerous to others on the road around them. After an accident, speaking with a Northeast Pennsylvania car accident lawyer can be beneficial.

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