Not only should you consistently engage in safe driving practices when you operate your car, but it is also critically important to maintain your vehicle. If issues with your car are not addressed, like problematic brakes, broken lights, or turn signals, for example, driving your car becomes a danger to you, your passengers, and anyone near you. There are several ways that crashes can happen, and faulty car components are one. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there were 117,899 reportable car accidents in Pennsylvania in 2021 alone.

In the aftermath of a car accident, figuring out what your rights are and if you are able to be compensated for your damages is critical. Even though Pennsylvania follows a no-fault insurance system, there are instances where a lawsuit may be filed against the party that caused the crash. For a claim to be successful in this situation, negligence and fault must be defined and proved. For help with this, consider connecting with the car accident attorneys at O’Donnell Law Offices.

Liability for Rear-End Crashes that Happen Because of Broken Brake Lights

Brake lights allow drivers behind you to see that your car is slowing down, and as a result, the drivers behind you can adjust their speed so that everyone keeps a good distance. Like turn signals that tell others of your intentions to change course, brake lights indicate that your vehicle is reducing its speed and may even be coming to a stop. Having brake lights that work is incredibly important. If they are defective, broken, or not functioning properly, then there is a high likelihood that the driver behind you could hit you.

Regarding liability for rear-end crashes, blame often falls on the driver of the car that hits the back of the vehicle in front of it. However, if you hit the car in front of you because their brake lights were not working, then this scenario could change, and the driver in front may be liable for paying for your damages.

Unraveling car accidents can be complicated, especially when liability is unclear. An attorney who understands fault laws and who can identify negligence can evaluate a crash and provide victims with more information on their legal options for obtaining compensation. Victims may be able to secure financial compensation for the losses they suffered including medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, and more.

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When you suffered harm after a car accident, you may have the right to file a claim for compensation for your losses. A Northeast Pennsylvania personal injury claim could be appropriate to meet this objective. An attorney at O’Donnell Law Offices can assist with this.

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