What Do I Do If My Child Is Injured During Trick-Or-Treating?

The fall weather has officially set in and the local ghouls and goblins are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to descend on the local communities in search of their favorite Halloween goodies. For many, Halloween holds cherished memories surrounding past costumes worn, time spent with friends, and the best places to obtain goodies. Unfortunately, Halloween is the most dangerous day of the year for child pedestrians.

According to the Children’s Safety Network, Halloween is the deadliest day for child pedestrians. A child is twice as likely to be struck and killed by a vehicle on Halloween as compared to any other day throughout the year. It is important to keep this fact in mind when choosing a costume and a location to participate in the Halloween festivities for your children.

Different Scenarios Where Injury May Occur

Trick-or-treating is often a time of fun and excitement for kids participating in the tradition of going door-to-door, attempting to obtain as many goodies as possible before the night is through.

An injury may occur during the course of the night, including injury involving a vehicle, injury on a sidewalk as a result of the condition of the sidewalk, or injury on private property as a result of the condition of the property.

If an injury occurs, note the location and attempt to obtain pictures at the scene. Note whether there are any cameras overlooking the location of the injury. If injuries are severe, be sure to call emergency medical providers for treatment. If a vehicle is involved, be sure to alert the police so that they may investigate and create a police report.

Reducing The Likelihood Of Injury

If you plan on trick-or-treating, be sure to choose a location that has minimal traffic and is appropriately lit. Ensure that everyone in your group is wearing visible clothing. Having reflective clothing will increase the likelihood that others will be able to see you. Also, carrying a flashlight or some other light source will ensure that you can see where you are walking.

Finally, if you or your child is injured during trick-or-treating, give O’Donnell Law Offices a call and allow us to evaluate your claim. We can help you navigate through the various avenues of recovery for injuries as well as help you understand what your legal rights are in obtaining that recovery.




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