Can I File a Claim if I Was Injured by a Tractor Trailer?

By Joshua Perry

In 2022, roughly 76,180 individuals were injured as a result of truck accidents. This may be of no surprise given the fact that a large portion of products sold within the United States are transported via tractor trailer. Accidents involving tractor trailers often result in significant injuries because the size and weight of the truck creates significant force.

If you happen to be injured in a truck accident, it may be difficult to initially determine what parties or individuals are responsible for the collision. In addition to the truck driver, there may be a company that the driver works for, a party having its product shipped, and other parties involved in deciding to hire the driver.

It is important to begin an investigation early, so that all available evidence can be preserved. The earlier O’Donnell Law Offices is contacted, the better. This will allow our experienced investigation team to begin collecting and documenting crucial evidence. This will help to ensure that all parties involved in the transportation, which resulted in your injury, are held accountable.

If you are injured in a truck accident, give O’Donnell Law Offices a call. We can help you navigate through determining what parties and avenues of recovery are available.


What to Do if You Suffer an Injury Caused by a Tractor Trailer?

Accidents involving tractor trailers often involve significant injuries. It is important that you seek treatment for any suspected injuries. If you recognize that you have been injured, call emergency services to report it. EMS, fire, and police officers will often be dispatched to the scene.

Emergency medical services will provide you with a trained medical professional to evaluate the extent of your injuries. Initial injuries, which might not seem significant, may be more severe than you think. It is important that you allow EMS personnel to assess you for initial injuries.

Fire personnel ensure that the scene of the collision is safe, so that you do not suffer further injury. They also carry the necessary tools to conduct a rescue in the event you are unable to exit your vehicle.

A police officer will also respond to document the collision and begin to gather evidence. It is important that the police officer obtain relevant information from the scene, including the driver of the truck, the road conditions at the time of the injury, identification of any witnesses to the collision, and circumstances surrounding the collision. The officer will then create a police report detailing this information, which can provide valuable information for your claim.

In the event your injuries present hours or days after the tractor trailer incident, it is important that you follow up with a medical provider to determine the extent of your injuries and begin treatment.


Who Can Help Me Navigate My Claim?

If you or a family member are unfortunate enough to be injured in a collision with a tractor trailer, please give O’Donnell Law Offices a call. Our team can assist you in further evaluating and analyzing your claim, helping to preserve your legal rights. Tractor trailer-related claims can often be complex and involve sophisticated parties. Our office can help you navigate through these often difficult issues.


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