By: Joshua Perry

Winter in Northeast Pennsylvania results in snowy weather and poor road conditions. According to the Pennsylvania State Climatologist, “[s]nowfall exceeds 54 inches per year, with heavy snows sometimes experienced in late April.”  This means that we should be prepared for poor weather conditions well into spring. 

Unfortunately for some, fear of a car accident may become a reality. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident as a result of winter weather, give O’Donnell Law Offices a call and allow us to evaluate your claim. You may be able to receive compensation for your personal injuries as a result of the collision.

If you are driving in poor weather conditions, it is important to understand whether there are additional driving restrictions in place and the capabilities of your vehicle. If the weather is severe enough, the Governor may place speed restrictions and other limitations on state roadways. Following these restrictions is important in ensuring you travel safely.  

There are multiple scenarios which could result in a car accident from winter weather. If you are involved in a single-vehicle collision, some important considerations in evaluating your claim include: who was driving the vehicle, were any restrictions in place at the time of the collision, what were the road conditions like at the time of the car accident, whether the road crew was able to keep up with the snow, and if the poor road conditions were caused by the roadway design. 

In the event you are involved in a multi-vehicle car accident, there are some additional considerations including the types of vehicles involved, who was operating the other vehicles, and the potential for dash cam footage or other evidence from the others involved.

Evaluating the scene of the collision as close to the time it occurred as quickly as possible is important in understanding and preserving the conditions of the roadway as they existed at the time. It is important to document what the conditions were like at the time of the collision, including taking photographs or preserving dash cam footage. 

If you are injured in a vehicle collision as a result of poor weather, give O’Donnell Law Offices a call. We can help you determine what parties and avenues of recovery are available for your claim. The earlier we are contacted, the better. This will allow our experienced investigation team to begin collecting and documenting crucial evidence, helping to ensure everything relating to the collision is collected and preserved. 


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