Personal Injury

Did You Hurt Your Neck In A Car Accident?

A car accident is never good news. Even a car accident that does not result in significant damage to the vehicles involved can still have significant effects on the vehicle occupants. A rear-end accident, for instance, may simply damage the … Read More

Workers’ Compensation For Brain Injuries

Often, when we think of brain injuries, we think of traumatic brain injuries. However, TBIs are only one kind of brain injury that can occur. Additionally, it’s important to understand that brain injuries can occur in absolutely any profession. While … Read More

Can I Sue For A Prescription Medication Error?

Doctors and medical professionals owe a high duty of care to patients. Patients have to rely a great deal on the judgment and expertise of doctors, so when careless errors are made, it can be jarring. Additionally, errors made when … Read More

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation For Electrical Burns?

Few things are more painful than an electrical burn. While most burns affect the exterior layer of skin, electrical burns burn from the inside out. This results in serious damage to the flesh, muscle tissue, ligaments, and bones, that may … Read More

What Are My Options If I’m In A Car Accident While Working?

Most people couldn’t envision a scenario worse than wrecking a car while on the job. If you are in a car accident while working, whether in a personal or company vehicle, it can be complicated to figure out next steps … Read More

Can I Sue For Road Rage In Pennsylvania?

Road rage is an increasingly common problem on our nation’s roadways, and Pennsylvania is no exception. In fact, recent studies have shown that road rage is a factor in as many as 1 in 3 accidents, and these numbers continue … Read More

Workers’ Compensation For Machine-Related Injuries

Construction, manufacturing, and industrial work and some of the most dangerous fields that a person can work in. It is often said that in these fields, the question is not if you will be injured but when. One of the … Read More

Have You Suffered A Slip-And-Fall Construction Site Accident?

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries that a person can work in. A construction site is filled with more hazards than most workplaces with limitless hazards increasing the chances of suffering a slip-and-fall accident. Slips and falls may … Read More

Dog Bites In Pennsylvania

When you are in a car accident, you file an accident report with the police and then usually receive a call from an insurance claims adjuster. However, when you are bitten by a dog, there isn’t a clear process that … Read More

Record-Breaking Increase In Traffic Deaths

The U.S. Department of Transportation has declared a crisis after finding that a record-breaking number of people were killed in traffic accidents. The statistics released by the Department reflect that over 20,000 traffic fatalities occurred within a six-month period, which … Read More

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