motorcycle accident

On May 31st, Dr. Virgil Thomas was killed while crossing the street near his chiropractic clinic in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Thomas was leaving his office when he was hit by a motorcyclist identified as Hazel Resident, Michael J. Ullman.

According to the complaint filed by Neil O’Donnell, the impact caused Thomas to fly five feet in the air before landing on the pavement. The complaint claims Ullman was speeding and driving recklessly at the time of the accident.

Thomas was taken to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center but died hours later due to the severity of his injuries.

According to The Citizens’ Voice, the lawsuit filed by Dr. Thomas’ estate names Ullman and Allstate Insurance as defendants. Allstate Insurance, under Thomas’ policy, had $300,000 in underinsured motorist coverage. The insurer has thus far not made a settlement offer.

The lawsuit is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

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