Pedestrian Traffic


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in a majority opinion authored by Justice David Wecht, published on December 22, 2020, struck a significant blow to the sudden emergency defense in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Specifically, in Graham v. Check, a pedestrian was … Read More

Spinal Cord Injuries

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, there is a chance you may have catastrophic medical injuries including damage to your spinal cord. The severity of spinal cord injuries ranges widely and spinal cord injuries ultimately may be permanent … Read More

Look Out! Here Come “E-SCOOTERS”

As we know from Uber, Lift, and other services — vehicle sharing is now a part of our lives.  In fact, in larger cities, you may have noticed vehicle sharing includes “E-Scooters”. E-Scooters are pay-per-minute electric scooters.  Estimates demonstrate that … Read More

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